Kool Kid is an 18-year-old producer, engineer, hip hop artist, and songwriter and also function’s as the designated Graphic Artist for the Pass Me The Ball Company. His talent was discovered through his family. He is attempting to bridge the way for a new genre of music he uniquely phrases “pop-rap” and has completed his first professional CD for the first Pass Me The Ball Promotional Album.

Kool Kid has recorded and mastered his own professional mixtape and is growing as a talented producer/engineer, pursuing his aspirations in music engineering at a credited new york school. Simultaneously, he is thriving as a Graphic Artist and designed the eye-catching CD Cover for the first Pass Me The Ball Volume 1 album. His creative eye and innovative contributions to the album have played a role in its success. His favorite song on the pass me the ball vol.1 album is “We Be Ballin” for its upbeat tempo and hypnotic sounds. 

currently, he is pursuing his degree in music engineering at five towns college to fine-tune his creative skills and further contribute to pass me the ball music development.

Outside of music, Kool Kid is a star athlete and his successes are in the areas of  basketball, football and track. His name symbolizes his chill, laid back and cool nature. He is the kid everyone wants to idolize